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What we do
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Here at grokbox, we specialise in solving people's problems using the web. That might mean building a website, designing a web system or even creating a game. So if you have a problem and you think we might be able to help, just let us know. The kinds of things we can do for you are:
Website design...
We can design modern, engaging websites designed to exactly meet the needs of you or your business. We design sites from scratch using HTML, CSS and Flash. We can also build sites based on Wordpress or Drupal.
Websites can be optimised for mobile devices and integrated with social media to meet your audience where it's at.
Web systems...
We can design custom web systems using HTML, PHP, Flash and Javascript to help make your life, your job or your business easier to manage.
Branding and identity...
We can create a brand or identity for your organisation, website or product which fits the message you are trying to get across.
We can use our web skills and educational experience to bring the power of games to your institution, conference or training program. Games have the power to transform learning in any context, and we have the skills to make it happen.

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Some of our work...
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The NCT Nearly New Sale System...
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This bespoke system written in PHP and Javascript was created to streamline the process of seller registration at the NCT's regional Nearly New Sales. It is an ongoing project and getting smarter all the time...
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Zapp! A web-based QR Code reader...
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Zapp! was created to meet a need for a way to make the web a more accessible place for young learners and those with special educational needs. Instead of typing in the address of a website, learners can just hold up a printed code and Zapp! takes them to it. It was built using Flash and Javascript.
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If you like what you see here and have a problem that you think we may be able to help solve, please get in touch:

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About us
Grokbox is currently a one man show, with all solutions being provided by myself, Drew Crow. I am a former Local Authority Teacher Advisor for Learning Technologies, Science teacher and Research Scientist. I am an incessant learner and have developed wide ranging skills including web development skills alongside my work as an educator and researcher. I started grokbox because I wanted to do more of the things I'm passionate about, namely designing great web systems and sites that work really well and making learning fun for all concerned.
Giving back
Giving is at the very core of our business model at grokbox. We have pledged to donate 10% of all profits made by the business to charitable causes. Each quarter, we will be selecting a charity which helps provide children with better education either in this country or in developing countries abroad. We have decided to do this because we believe that education is a fundamental right of every child and we want to do all we can to make sure that children all over the world are given this right. By working with us, you will be helping to break down the barriers to education for children who are being deprived of this right. We are currently supporting hands.